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DITRIOT Consulting is covering best-in-class Consulting, Solution Integration, Technical support and R&D activities. Devoted to our customers’ success and as a trusted advisor, we work closely with our clients in French Speaking Africa to deliver high quality performance results. Our services offerings cover each stage of your business life cycle. From "Building a Vision & Strategy"​ through "Implementation & Transformation"​ to "Operations"​. DITRIOT Consulting is THE IBM & Red Hat Business Partner/Integrator in the region.

Key Activities

IBM Software Reseller

Reselling IBM’s Products and Solutions to turn the company you are running today into the company you are building for tomorrow.

Software Integration

Advise, Propose, Integrate and Customize (Open/Proprietary) software Technologies to our Business Customer that will make their life easier.

IBM Software Support & Maintenance

Provide our Business Customers with support and maintenance of their IBM Software already in Production. To leverage availability, performance, and reliability.

Developing Innovative Solution

Develop Innovative Web & Mobile application to our customers to facilitate their day to day Business and Customer Satisfaction.

Entreprise Solutions

Cognitive Security

A security operations center (SOC) is a facility that houses an information security team.

Cognitive IT Operations

Cognitive tools can assist IT operations or DevOps practitioners quickly resolve incidents and find new patterns.

Digital Business Automation

Automate business operations at speed and scale with an integrated automation platform designed for business users.

Next Generation Integration Platform

Integration Platform helps enable organizations to implement simple, fast, and secure integration.

Cognitive Assistant

The next evolution of the human-computer collaboration will soon become reality.

Data Insights

Use cognitive-guided capabilities to quickly find and prepare data.


SME Solutions

Security & IT Management

Manage Visibility, Control, Automation and Security of your IT using free software.

Process Automation

A powerful Business Process Management based application platform for building highly engaging, personalized, process-based business applications to accomplish tasks the proper way, take full advantage of BPM, and adapt to business changes in real time.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a computer program which conducts a conversation via textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate human behavior as a conversational partner.

Web & Mobile Development

Web Development Angular Spring Boot or Express JS MySQL or MongoDB Mobile Development Android Hybrid.






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